Gareth’s second CD album, “El Cobre”, draws on the inspiration from the cante de Jerez, which is the essential spirit and tradition of pure Flamenco.

Gareth’s first CD album, “Gareth Owen Flamenco Guitar” is available: L’Atelier Gregorian, 70 Yorkville Avenue in Toronto and from

These CDs can be purchased directly from Gareth at: 1-250-384-8832 or email:

Music samples:

Tangos (5:35)

Malaguena/Zambra Mora (9:43)

Bulerias (10:02)

Bulerias – El Cobre (6:02)

Siguiriyas – El Cobre (7:42)

Solea por Bulerias – El Cobre (7:53)

Bulerias de Jerez – El Cobre (6:33)

Siguiriyas A mi Abuelo (10:38)

Mercado Persa (5:05)

Bulerias Alvarez (4:45)